October 16

My holidays

In my holidays I went to  my friends house. We went  bowing and  to aqumoves  We went there at 8:00 and starded there until 3:00. Then we went home and watched  Anabell. It was awesome, we got to stay up until 10:00 at night. Then we played gta.


August 17


Hi my name is Telishah. I go to bouchier st primary school shepparton.I am in grade 3.My teachers name is Miss Burness. She is a loving teacher.She in my favourite teacher.I am learning to put lost of punctuation in my writing.

August 12

Paper Planes Review


Paper planes is a great movie for kids that are kind and follow their dreams. Paper planes is a great movie to get your kids to make a paper plane. Paper planes is a great movie to teach you to never give up and try your best. I recommend this book to all people that follow their dreams.


June 10

Hello world!

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